Pakistan Study Centre

University of Peshawar

MA in Pakistan Studies


Note:   Students will pass five courses of 15 credit Hrs weithage in each semester from the following list to be offered by the Centre.

1.         PS-501 Ideology of Pakistan.

2.         PS-502 Freedom Movement (1857-1947)

3.         PS-503 Government and Politics in Pakistan.

4.         PS-504 Research Methodology.

5.         PS-505 Cultural Heritage of Pakistan.

6.         PS-506 National Character of Pakistan.

7.         PS-507 Religions and Ideologies.

8.         PS-508 Pakistan through the ages (Ancient).

9.         PS-509 Land and People of Pakistan.

10.        PS-510 Pakistan through the ages (Medieval).

11.        PS-511 Pushto Literature (Growth and Development).

12.        PS-512 Population Growth and Economic Development in Pakistan.

13.        PS-513 Dynamics of Social Changes in Pakistan.

14.        PS-514 Agriculture in Pakistan.

15.        PS-515 Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

16.        PS-516 Pakistan's Foreign Policy.

17.        PS-517 Pakistani Culture.

18.        PS-518 Languages of Pakistan: a literary survey.

19.        PS-519 Development Planning in Pakistan.

20.        PS-520 Social and Political Development in Pakistan.

21.        PS-521 Pakistan through the ages (Mughals).

22.        PS-522 Local Government in Pakistan.

23.        PS-523 Public Administration in Pakistan.

24.        PS-524 Pakistan and its Neighbours.

25.        PS-525 Pakistan in its Geographic Surroundings.

26.        PS-526 Pakistan through the ages (British period).

27.        PS-527 Pakistan's International Trade and Commercial


28.        PS-528 Flora and Fauna of Pakistan.

29.        PS-529 Art and Architecture of Pakistan.

30.        PS-530 Education in Pakistan.

31.        PS-531 Minerals of Pakistan.

32.        PS-532 Sports in Pakistan.

33.        PS-533 Philosophers of Pakistan.

34.        PS-534 Journalism in Pakistan.

35.        PS-535 Constitutional Development in Pakistan (Part. I)

36.        PS-536 Constitutional Development in Pakistan (Part. II).

37.        PS-537 Environmental Planning, Management and Problems.

38.        PS-538 Pakistani Society and Culture.

39.        PS-539 Economic Problems of Pakistan.

40.        PS-540 Pakistan Studies----Scope and Methods.

“II”       Third and fourth semesters will be devoted to a research report/thesis on any of the optional courses offered by the Centre.

            MA / M.Sc statutory and regulatory requirements on course work, thesis examination grading etc. of the University of Peshawar will be applicable for completion of this course with the following addenda/ amendment etc:

(i)   2.5 grade point average is required in each course work shall be required for taking up the research work on promotion to the third semester. The grading of the thesis shall be included in the cumulative grade point average of result.

(ii)  The evaluation of the thesis and comprehensive examination will be arranged by the Centre in consultation with the Controller of Examinations, University of Peshawar and result passed on to the University for declaration.

(iii)  The Centre may, if need be, in consultation with the University frame regulations governing the thesis examination.

(iv)  A student failing to meet out the promotion requirements as laid down in (i) above will be required to repeat only once the courses in which he has failed or secured a D grade, failing which his admission will be cancelled.

(v)  Only the Registration and Cultural Association fees will be paid in the University, the rest of the prescribed fees will be paid in the Centre's account.

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