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            In pursuance of the power vested in the Centre vide section Bill (iii) of Statutes and Regulations pertaining to courses of Studies in MA Pakistan Studies.

            Following are MA Examination Regulations. These may be sanchrowsed framed from time to time.


A.         There shall be an Examination Committee in the Centre for the conduct, control and supervision of Examinations and will consist of:

(a)        The Director as Convenor (Chairman of Committee).

b)         Not more than four not less than two teachers of the Centre provided that in case where the required numbers of teachers are not available in the Centre, the Director may nominate qualified teacher.

c)         One external expert to be nominated by the Vice-chancellor on the recommendation of the Director.

B.         The duties and functions of the Examination Committee shall be as follows:

a)         To scrutinize the relevant papers.

b)         To make arrangements for the conduct and supervision of examinations.

c)         To submit an advance copy of the tabulated result showing detailed marks subject-wise, aggregate and grades duly authenticated by the Chairman of Examination Committee to the Vice-chancellor for his approval before the result it announces.

d)         To forward a copy of the declared result to the Controller of Examinations University of Peshawar for the purpose of:

(i)         Publication in the Gazette.

(ii)         Award of degree.

II.         PROCEDURE:

i)          The Chairman may convene meetings of the Committee as and when necessary. He shall maintain a regular record of the proceedings of the Committee.

ii)          The Committee shall take decision by a simple majority of votes.

iii)         The quorum for a meeting shall be half the number of members, fraction being counted as one.


Thesis for the MA degree shall not be accepted earlier than four semesters and later than six semesters after the date of first registration. In special circumstances, a candidate may apply for a longer period of study keeping in view relevant University rules. There shall be no readmission in the course.


At the end of his course of study, the candidate shall present 3 (three) type-written or printed copies of the thesis for examination. The candidate shall be required to attend an oral examination on his thesis. The thesis and oral examination will carry 30 credit hours grading benefit.


a)         On the recommendation of the Director the Vice-chancellor shall appoint two examiners for the thesis. One of whom shall be the Supervisor.

b)         The examiners shall examine the thesis etc. and sent the results through the Director to the Controller of Examinations University of Peshawar.


a)         The candidate will require obtaining 2.5 GPA in the thesis examination. If he fails to obtain it the thesis may be rejected without the option of resubmission of the thesis.

b)         If the majority of the examiners find that the thesis need not be altogether rejected the candidate may be permitted to revise and submit his thesis for a new examination within six months.

c)         If there is a difference of opinion amongst the examiners about the adequacy of the thesis the Vice-chancellor on the recommendation of the Director shall appoint a third examiner. The decision shall be taken by the majority recommendation. If the thesis is adjudged adequate, a viva-voce examination will be held for it.

d)         Only one chance of resubmission shall be allowed to the student and if the revised thesis is not approved under aforesaid procedure the thesis shall be finally rejected.


1.         The viva-voce examination shall be conducted by the thesis examiners under the supervision of the Director.

2.         If the candidate passes in the viva-voce examination by a majority vote he will be awarded MA degree.

3.         If the candidate fails in the viva-voce examination he will be permitted to re-appear once more in the viva-voce examination within six months. Failure for the second time may mean failure in the examination altogether.

4.         If the candidate passes the aforesaid viva-voce examination his result may be declared and the candidate may be awarded the MA degree.

5.         The grading of the thesis and viva-voce examination shall be included in the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of result.

Note:    M.Phil/Ph.D admissions will be completed with minor adjustments in the above regulations in the light of University Rules in vogue.

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