Featured http://pscpesh.org Thu, 22 Mar 2018 07:30:36 +0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Director PSC attends IRCRA workshop as Resource Person http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/315-director-psc-attends-ircra-workshop-as-resource-person http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/315-director-psc-attends-ircra-workshop-as-resource-person

Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar, Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam was Resource Person in a workshop organized by International Research Council for Religious Affairs (IRCRA).  The theme of his session was “Democracy: Meaning and Objectives”. The participants were religious scholars hailing from various schools of thoughts and opinions.

After a comprehensive presentation on the theme by Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam, the participants were divided into 4 groups with sub themes. The coordinators of the groups presented their group work. In his concluding remarks, Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that democracy in Pakistan has some inherent problems which need to be resolved. He praised the active participation of the participants. The Chief of IRCRA, Dr. Tehmeed Jan thanked Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam for sparing time to conduct a session in the workshop.

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Establishing Pakistan Study Centres at Chinese Universities http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/314-establishing-pakistan-study-centres-at-chinese-universities http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/314-establishing-pakistan-study-centres-at-chinese-universities

Chinese Ambassador and Peshawar University principally agreed to establish Pakistan Study Centres at Chinese Universities. The decision was taken in meeting with Chinese ambassador Zhao Jheng during his visit to Peshawar University. The ambassador held a meeting with a group of senior academicians led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan. Director Pakistan Study Centre Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam also attended the meeting.


The Director China Study Centre (CSC) Prof. Dr. Zahid Anwar briefed the ambassador about progress of CSC. Speaking on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan highlighted those areas wherein both china and University of Peshawar can cooperate. The Vice Chancellor informed the ambassador and his team that Director Pakistan Study Centre is working on a concept paper for establishing Pakistan Study Centres at Chinese Universities.

In his speech Chinese ambassador Zhao Jheng appreciated the establishment and performance of China Study Centre. He said that Chinese scholars are interested to know about culture, resources and other aspects of the area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjacent tribal belt. He said Peshawar University can help towards that end. He appreciated the idea of establishing Pakistan Study Centres at Chinese Universities. He said that the Pakistan Study Centres have already been established at some Chinese Universities. He suggested that Pakistan Study Centre should establish liaison with those centres and also work on establishing more centres. Director Pakistan Study Centre Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam also spoke on the occasion.

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A 3-day book exhibition started at Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar. http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/313-a-3-day-book-exhibition-started-at-pakistan-study-centre-university-of-peshawar http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/313-a-3-day-book-exhibition-started-at-pakistan-study-centre-university-of-peshawar

Pakistan Study Centre  Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam inaugurated the exhibition. The event is being organized  by the Centre and National Books Foundation Islamabad. Speaking on the occasion Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that the current state of book reading in Pakistan is deplorable. He said  that these  exhibitions ignite urge for reading. The exhibition attracted a large number of students from Pakistan Study Centre and other institutions of Pakistan. 


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Vice Chancellor Islamia College University visits PSC http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/312-vice-chancellor-islamia-college-university-visits-psc http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/312-vice-chancellor-islamia-college-university-visits-psc

Vice Chancellor Islamia College University Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmad visited Pakistan Study Center today. He  discussed matters of mutual interest with Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam.  Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmad praised the excellent performance of the centre under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam. The Director presented him a set of Centre's publications. He thanked the visiting Vice Chancellor for sparing time to visit the Centre. He assured the VC that Pakistan Study Centre is ready to work with Islamia College in promoting education and research. 

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Iran’s Deputy Counsel General visits Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/311-iran’s-deputy-counsel-general-visits-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/311-iran’s-deputy-counsel-general-visits-pakistan-study-centre

The Deputy Counsel General of Iran in Peshawar, Mr. Ibraheem Dehnadi visited Pakistan Study Centre today. He remained with Director of the Centre Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam for quite some time.


He paid tribute to Pakistan Study Centre for its excellent academic and research performance. The guest of honor visited various parts of the Centre including library. Director of the Centre Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam expressed his gratitude to the guest for his visit and hoped that students of the Centre will benefit from mutual cooperation of both the organizations.

Both Ibraheem Dehnadi and Dr. Fakhr-ul-islam exchanged gifts with each other. 

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Pakistan Study Centre passes out two MPhil scholars http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/310-pakistan-study-centre-passes-out-two-mphil-scholars http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/310-pakistan-study-centre-passes-out-two-mphil-scholars


Pakistan Study Centre university of Peshawar passes out two MPhil scholars, Miss Naheed Hussain and Mr. Gohar Ali Shah. Both of them defended their theses in a public defense held in the Centre today. Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam who supervised both the theses presided over the ceremony. The External Examiners included Prof. Dr. Himayatullah Yaqubi, Quai-e-Azam University Islamabad and Prof. Dr. Manzur Khan Afridi, International Islamic University Islamabad. Both the scholars presented their research work and responded to questions asked by the examiners and other participants.

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Training Workshop on Basic Life Skills at Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/309-training-workshop-on-basic-life-skills-at-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/309-training-workshop-on-basic-life-skills-at-pakistan-study-centre

A workshop on Basic Life Skills (Stress and Time Management) was held at Pakistan Study Centre. The workshop was jointly organized by Pakistan Study Centre and Blessing Development Foundation. All students and staff of the centre attended the workshop.  Eminent psychologist Hyder Zaman was resource person. The participants were imparted training in Stress management and Time management. Both the students and staff of the centre took keen interest in the training.

Earlier in his inaugural address, Director of the Centre Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that education system in Pakistan lacks the learning of basic life skills. He said that we can enhance the capacity of students and staff through effective stress and time management. 

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Pakistan Study Centre Journal upgraded http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/308-pakistan-study-centre-journal-upgraded http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/308-pakistan-study-centre-journal-upgraded

The Research Journal of  Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar was upgraded from "Z" to "Y" category by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. A Notification to this effect was issued by the Director Academics Higher Education Commission Dr. Tahir Ai Shah. Director of Pakistan Study Centre, who is also editor of the journal, expressed his delight over attaining of the "Y" status. He said that the he  started editing the journal in 2012 and got it recognized  from the HEC in 2014,  in "Z" category. He said that due to its regularity in publishing and maintaining standard and accounts, the journal has received funds twice in the past three years from HEC.

Click here to see notification

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US Scholar visits Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/307-us-scholar-visits-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/307-us-scholar-visits-pakistan-study-centre

A US Scholar Elsa Talat from George Mason University visited Pakistan Study Centre. She belongs to School of Public Policy at the George Mason University. She discussed academic and research matters with Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam especially the current situation in the region. She had a round of various sections of the centre and talked to the students. She was impressed with the performance and standard of the centre.

She appreciated the presence of large number of female students in various academic programmes offered by the center. 

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VC visits Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/306-vc-visits-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/306-vc-visits-pakistan-study-centre

The Vice Chancellor University of Peshawar Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan visited Pakistan Study Centre. Soon after arrival, he was briefed by Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam about the progress and ongoing programmes in the Centre. The academic and admin staff also attended the briefing. In his speech, the Vice Chancellor expressed his delight and satisfaction over the performance of the centre particularly during the past 5 years. He urged upon the staff to discharge their responsibilities with missionary zeal.

The Vice Chancellor also presided over launching of the Centre’s scholarship programme. In his welcome address the Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam thanked the VC for gracing the occasion. He said that the centre is facilitating the students in receiving different scholarships. They include PM Fee Reimbursement, Zakat Scholarship, FATA scholarship, Fauji Foundation and other scholarship, He said the Centre paid Rs. 1.3 million to the students during 2016—17. He further said that the centre has recently offered 5 scholarships (3 merit and 2 need based). These will cost 150000/- rupees per year.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor appreciated the student-friendly scholarship programme of the centre. He said students are our future leaders; therefore every effort should be made to help and assist them. He advised the students to focus on their goal and go ahead with making Pakistan a prosperous nation. 


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