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Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar celebrated Independence Day with patriotic fervor. All staff members led by Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam attended main flag hoisting ceremony in front of Convocation hall. Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Jauhar Ali was the chief gust.
 In Pakistan Study Centre itself three events were organized. Dr. Fakhar hoisted flag on the Centre’s building. He then inaugurated the newly erected model of Bab-e-Khyber in the Centre’s building. The other activity of the day was a cake cutting ceremony wherein Mr. Sohail Anjum, the grandson of Allah Bakhsh Yousfi was the chief guest. Dr. Fakhar paid rich tributes to Allah Bakhsh Youfi and other stalwarts of the Pakistan Movement. He said that the day is being celebrated as solidarity with Kashmiris. The Chief Guest Mr. Sohail Anjum said that we should raise ourselves above ethnic and racial prejudices and work sincerely for Pakistan. Mr. Ali Imran Assistant professor Journalism Department also spoke on the occasion.




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Pakistan Study Centre leads Kashmir solidarity event http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/360-pakistan-study-centre-leads-kashmir-solidarity-event http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/360-pakistan-study-centre-leads-kashmir-solidarity-event

Pakistan Study Centre played a leading role in observing Kashmir solidarity day. The event was arranged on the directive of Vice Chancellor/Chairman BoG University of Peshawar. A seminar was held wherein Director Pakistan Study Centre Prof Dr Fakhr-ul-Islam delivered a key note address on the “Legal Dimensions of Kashmir dispute”. He said five documents i.e. Partition Plan 1947, Indian Independence Act 1947, 2 UN resolutions and Simla Agreement 1972 have recognized as disputed territory. India has no right to revoke Article 370 of its constitution as part of Indian union. The Chairmen Departments of IR, Political Science, Director Area Study Centre and President Peshawar University Teachers Association also spoke on the occasion. After the seminar, the participant took out a procession which carried banners and play cards inscribed with slogans in support of Kashmiris.

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Director visits Sindh University http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/359-director-visits-sindh-university http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/359-director-visits-sindh-university

Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar paid two-day visit to Sindh University Jamshoro. His visit was aimed at promoting cooperation in interdisciplinary relationship with centres functioning at Sindh University campus. It may be noted that similar activities have been specified in the Centre’s Act as one of the main objectives. In his detailed meeting with Prof. Dr. Ghulam Akbar Mahesar, Director Area Study Centre for Far East, it was agreed that both the Centres will cooperate with each other in research endeavors. Both the Centre will specially stay in touch regarding Pak-China relations and CPEC.

 Dr. Fakhar also held meetings with Prof. Dr. Shuja Ahmad, Director Pakistan Study Centre, and Prof. Dr. Kiran Semi Chairperson Department of Political Science Sindh University. He  called on Pro-Vice Chancellor Sindh University Prof. Dr. Aslam Pervez Memon and Vice Chancellor University of Hyderabad Prof. Dr Nasiruddin Sheikh. Dr. Fakhar also accompanied a group of scholars during their visit to the historical graveyard, Makli, in Thatta. The scholars were Dr. Jamaluddin Mangi, Dr. Shah Nawaz, Syed Shah Fahad Bukhari and Mr. Shuhair Ahmad.


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Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam pays 12-day visit to China http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/358-dr-fakhr-ul-islam-pays-12-day-visit-to-china http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/358-dr-fakhr-ul-islam-pays-12-day-visit-to-china


Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam pays 12-day visit to China

Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar Prof. Dr.  Fakhr-ul-Islam visited China on the invitation of North West University Xian. His activities included a) Welcome Dinner and initial consultation, b) A meeting of Pakistani students, c) Lecture at Silk Route Institute, c) Workshop at Middle Eastern Studies Institute, d) Two lectures at Academic block, e) Meeting with Prof. Dr. Wang Jianxin at University Museum. And f) Meeting with International Students ‘office of Cooperation g) Visit to Beijing University.
It is to be noted that Pakistan Study Centre, University of Peshawar and Northwest University Xian, China entered into partnership in 2018 as a result of signing of Letter of Intent (LOI) by both the institutions during International Conference on Silk Route Educational Cooperation in Xian. In the recent visit, during working sessions, the following decisions were taken:

1. Two books will be developed and published on the History and freedom movements of Pakistan and China. The book on Pakistan will be written  by Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam. For book on China, name of the author will be communicated soon.

2. Pashto language learning course will be started in the Middle Eastern Studies Institute Northwest University Xian.

3. A mechanism will be developed for running the affairs of Pakistan Study Centre Northwest University Xian. Some other universities of China may also be included in the steering body.

4. It was principally agreed that a two-member Chinese delegation will visit Peshawar in or after December 2019. During the visit, an International conference on Pak-China relations with special reference to CPEC will also be arranged by Pakistan Study Centre.



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Election Commission holds Women Volunteers Workshop at Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/357-election-commission-holds-women-volunteers-workshop-at-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/357-election-commission-holds-women-volunteers-workshop-at-pakistan-study-centre

The Election Commission arranged one day workshop for Women Volunteers at Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar. Mr. Harun Khan Shinwari, Director Gender Unit of Election Commission was resource person. He briefed the participants about the details of upcoming awareness campaign. He said that a speech contest will be held after Ramzan on the similar theme. Director Pakistan Study Centre Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam expressed his satisfaction over the role of Pakistan Study Centre in the awareness campaign. He hoped that with these activities, more and more women will be made part of the electoral process. Dr Khan Faqir Assistant Prof PSC coordinated the workshop.

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PSC Board of Governors meets http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/356-psc-board-of-governors-meets http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/356-psc-board-of-governors-meets

A meeting of Board of Governors Pakistan Study Centre  University of Peshawar was held with Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan in chair. Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jauhar Ali. Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam, Prof Dr. Anwar Shaheen (Karachi University), Dr. Umar Hayat (Quaid-e-Azam University), Mr. Arshad Kamran (HEC) and Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali (University of Peshawar) also attended the meeting. The Director presented a report on the ongoing programmes and action taken on decisions of the previous meeting. The Director informed the Board that the Centre's research journal was declared the best by an HEC committee in terms of performance and reporting. The Board expressed satisfaction over the performance. The board also constituted a committee to take up certain pending cases. The meeting was thereafter adjourned.

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Series of Seminars at Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/355-series-of-seminars-at-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/355-series-of-seminars-at-pakistan-study-centre

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam Director Pakistan Study Centre  University of Peshawar, Four  seminars were held in a row in the centre. The first  seminar was on "Social Change in Pakistan". Director Pakistan Study Centre  University of Karachi Dr. Anwar Shaheen was key note speaker on the occasion.. The second seminar was on "Community Policing in Pakistan". Senior Police Officer Quresh Khan delivered lecture on the theme. The third seminar was on " Social Organizations" given by Dr. Muhammad Ibrar Department of Social Work University of Peshawar. The fourth seminar was on Geographical Features of of Pakistan wherein Dr. Anwar Saeed Department of Geography  University of Peshawar was the speaker.

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Turkish academician visits Pakistan Study Centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/354-turkish-academician-visits-pakistan-study-centre http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/354-turkish-academician-visits-pakistan-study-centre


A professor from Anadolu   University Eskisehir Turkey Dr. Ahmet Aypay visited Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar. He held detailed meeting with Director Prof. Dr Fakhr-ul-Islam in which matters of mutual interest were discussed. Director Pakistan Study Centre briefed the visiting scholar on the ongoing academic and research activities in the centre. He also presented gifts and souvenir to the guest. Director and  professors from IER   University of Peshawar Dr. Arshad Ali, Dr. Muhammad Rauf, Dr. Amjad Riba and AWKUM professor Dr. Amir Zaman were also present on the occasion.


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Director PSC presides over national literary event in Islamabad http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/353-director-psc-presides-over-national-literary-event-in-islamabad http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/353-director-psc-presides-over-national-literary-event-in-islamabad

Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar was chief guest at national literary event  held at Pakistan Academy of Letters Islamabad. The event was organized by Khyber Margalla Association. Literary figures and poets from all over the country attended the function. They recited poetry and other literary contributions. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam said that every society needs literature and aesthetic sense. These things put the society on right tract. He said that the reason for extremism, intolerance and polarization in the  society is due to our distance from literary activities. He urged upon the writers to work for national integration and coherence.

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Pakistan Study Centre commemorates Pakistan Day http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/352-pakistan-study-centre-commemorates-pakistan-day http://pscpesh.org/index.php/news-archives/item/352-pakistan-study-centre-commemorates-pakistan-day

Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar commemorated Pakistan Day with patriotic fervor. Two events were held in this connection. A seminar was held wherein Miss Nadia Bashir, Assistant Professor Edwardes College Peshawar spoke on the background, text and importance of Pakistan resolution. The next day, students of the centre staged a walk led by Director Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam. Speaking on the occasion, he highlighted the importance of Pakistan resolution in the freedom movement. Besides the functions, the Centre’s building was illuminated for three days.



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