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Chinese delegation visits Pakistan Study Centre
A three member delegation from North Western University Xian, China visited Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar. The delegation comprised of  Dr. Huang Minxing, Dr. Li Tao and Dr. Ran Wanil. The Director Pakistan Study Centre Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam welcomed and briefed them about the ongoing academic and research activities in the Centre.

Dr. Huang delivered a lecture to the students and faculty of the Centre and answered their questions. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam presented shields and traditional gifts to the Chinese guests. Director China Study Centre Peshawar University  Dr. Zahid Anwar was also present on the occasion. It merits mention that in the North Western University Xian, a Pakistan Study Centre was established in 2018 as a result of MoU signed between Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar and North Western University Xian. The visit of the delegation was part of that MoU. A faculty member of Pakistan Study Centre will be visiting China soon as part of academic exchange programme.



Director PSC Speaks at Kashmir Day Seminar in University of Malakand

Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam delivered keynote speech at a seminar organized by the University of Malakand. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Gul Zaman, Dr. Alikhel Daryab, Ghani Ghorzang and other also spoke on the occasion . Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam   gave a perspective of the Kashmir issue. He condemned atrocities perpetrated by India in the occupied Kashmir. He said that the stand of Pakistan on the issue is justified legally as well as morally. He said that peace in South Asia can only be restored if the Kashmir problem is resolved.

Director Pakistan Study Centre University of Peshawar Prof. Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam presented a paper in National Seminar on China’s Contribution to peace in Afghanistan. The seminar was organized by China Study Centre (CSC) University of Peshawar. Prof. Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan Director CSC opened the seminar. Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmad, Senior Dean University of Peshawar presided over the first session. The theme of  Dr. Fakhr-ul-Islam’s paper was “Enabling Factors for China to Contribute to Peace in Afghanistan”. Main pints of the presentation are:

  1. The tract record of China’s relations with Afghanistan is good. Diplomatic relations started between the two countries in 1955, after 7 years of Chinese revolution. Both countries are signatories to a Friend ship treaty of 2006
  2.  China has been supporting Afghanistan in the rebuilding and reconstruction process. It’s technical and financial support in roads and infrastructure development has won the hearts of Afghans.
  3. China is permanent member of UN Security Council; it can play a role in the regard on international forums. Furthermore, in that capacity, she can be one of the guarantors to the peace agreement.
  4. China has strategic relations with Pakistan, which is a key stakeholder in the Afghan peace process. No one can deny the significance of Pakistan viz-a-viz Afghanistan. So if China and Pakistan are on one page regarding resolving the crisis, the combination can prove to be extremely important enabling factor.
  5. China is emerging economic super power. That aspect can also help a lot.
  6. Both China and Afghanistan look forward to Chinese role in the process. This mutual willingness is critically important for peace process.
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