Pakistan Study Centre

University of Peshawar

List of Theses





1.               Wahid Hussain, The Afghan Crisis and Its Implications for Pakistan, Session 1988-90.

2.               Zia-ul-Islam Akora, The Life and Work of Maulana Ghulam Ghous Hazarvi, Session 1986-88.

3.               Nuzhat Shandana Malik, Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, Session 1983-85.

4.               Nusrat Zohra, Archaeological Progress in N-W.F.P from 1947 to 1987, Session 1986-88.

5.               Faizullah Khan Marwat, Justice Khan Habibullah Khan, Session 1986-88.

6.               Abdul Hameed, Perspective Survey of Hakim-al-Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi’s Learning and Preaching, Session 1986-88.

7.               Fazli Subhan, National Integration: Success and Failure, Session 1989-91.

8.               Noor-Ul-Islam, Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan – A Profile, Session 1987-89.

9.               M. Sultan-ul-Arifin, Yidghah Language in Chitral, Session 1984-86.

10.            Islam Din, Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, Session 1983-85.

11.            Shaheen Begum, The Socio-Economic Development of the Khyber Agency from 1947 to 1988, Session 1988-90.

12.            Wiqar Ali, Scout Movement in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, Session 1988-90.

13.            Sayyid Muhammad Arshad Banuri, The Life of Sayyid Adam Banuri, Session 1986-88.

14.            Alam Zeb, Majlis-i-Ahrar-i-Islam (1929-47), Session 1989-91.

15.            Syed Anees Badshah Bukhari, The Premier Sugar Mills Mardan (Its Socio-Economic Impacts), Session 1988-90.

16.            Muhammad Riaz Khattak, The Role of Upper Swat Canal in the Irrigation System of Mardan District and Malakand Agency, Session 1984-86.

17.            Rukhsana Kausar Shereen,   Liaquat Ali Khan – A Profile, Session 1989-91.

18.            Rukhsana Hidayatullah, Abdul Akbar Khan Akbar, Session 1985-87.

19.            M. Abid Hussain Shah, Role of Hazara in the Pakistan Movement, Session 1989-91.

20.            Sabiha Shaheen, The Golra Family of Hazara, Session 1983-85.

21.            Amanullah Kundi, The Khaksar Movement in N-W.F.P, Session 1987-89.

22.            Fazal Sher Mohmand, Educational Development in the Mohmand Agency, Session 1983-85.

23.            Raja Sajjad Ali Ahmad, Pakistan Television Fact and Feats, Session     1985-87.

24.            Afsar Ali, Archaeological Sites of N-W.F.P, Session 1981-83.

25.            Muhammad Ali, Some Important Daral-Ulum in N-W.F.P, Session 1982-84.

26.            Khalid Wahab Marwat, Pak-Afghan Relations during Bhutto Era (1971-77), Session 1989-91.

27.            Mujtaba Amin, The P.N.A. Movement and Its Impacts on Pakistan Politics, Session 1989-91.

28.            Tajamul Shah Kaka Khel, The Life and Work of Mufti Sayyah-ud-Din, Session 1986-88.

29.            Raz Muhammad Khalil, Life and Work of Arbab Bahram Khan Shaheed, Session 1985-87.

30.            Ajmir Shah, Mian Seyed Rasool Rasa: Life and Works, Session 1989-91.

31.            Jamal-ud-Din Shah, Jalal Baba of Hazara, Session 1982-84.

32.            Robina Shaheen, An Analytical Review of Zia’s Islamisation Process, Session 1987-89.

33.            Zahid Shah, Alama Shamsul Haq Afghani of Turangzai, Session 1984-86.

34.            Dilshad Khan, The Afghan Refugees in N-W.F.P, Session 1981-83.

35.            Shandana Bangash, Mian Jaffer Shah Kaka Khel, Session 1983-85.

36.            M. Altaf Bangash, Justice Muhammad Rustam Kiyani, Session 1986-88.

37.            Mumtaz Hussain Shah, The Ismailies in Chitral, Session 1982-84.

38.            Noor Hassan, Dir-Swat Relations, Session 1988-90.

39.            Muhammad Muttahir, The Religious Thought of Maulana Muhammad Tahir Panjpiri, Session 1985-87.

40.            Amir Hussain Shah Marwat,  Maulana Mahmood Hasan (The Sheikh-ul-Hind), Session 1985-87.

41.            Shahabuddin, Miangul Abdul Wadood (Badshah Sahib) The Founder of Swat State, Session 1985-87.

42.            Waheed Akhtar Khattak, Khan Abdul Qaiyum Khan – Life and Work, Session     1987-89.

43.            Sakina Badshah, Dar-ul-Ullum Haqqania Akora Khattak, Session 1983-85.

44.            Rifat Haroon, Hadhrat Pir Meher Ali Shah of Golra Sharif, Session 1987-89.

45.            Noshad Khan, Sardar Abdur-Rab-Nishtar, Session 1983-85.

46.            Nausheen Talat, A Review of Political Awakening in N-W.F.P (1901-47), Session 1989-91.

47.            Neelam Zia, Political and Constitutional Development in Pakistan (1947-1958), Session 1989-91.

48.            Zahida Parveen, Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as a Politician, Session 1988-90.

49.            Mumtaz Muslim, The Way of Life in Ponyal Valley, Session 1987-89.

50.            Manzoor Qadir, Life and Works of Qazi Abdul Haleem Asar Afghani, Session 1987-89.

51.            Jehanzeb, Arbab Abdul Ghaffoor Khan of Tehkal Bala, Session     1982-84.

52.            Jamil Akhtar, Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan – A Profile, Session 1987-89.

53.            Fazal-ur-Rahman, Maulana Mufti Mahmood, Session 1984-86.

54.            Fakhrul Islam, Swat under Jehanzeb, Session 1984-86.

55.            Farid Ahmad, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan “A Biographical Profile”, Session 1987-89.

56.            Badiuz-Zaman Khweshgi, Pir Sahib of Manki Sharif, Session 1984-86.

57.            Ayaz Mehmood, Pakistan in the World of Cricket, Session 1987-89.

58.            Asma Begum, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan as a Social Reformer, Session 1987-89.

59.            Abdul Rauf, Khilafat Movement in N-W.F.P, Session 1986-88.

60.            Abdul Halim Dirvi, The Life and Achievements of Ghazi Umra Khan, Session 1986-88.

61.            Abid Mehmood, Pakistan National Security Threats and Options, Session 1988-90.

62.            Syeda Sumaira Bukhari, History of Hindko, Session 1989-91.

63.            Ishret Malik, Farigh Bukhari – A Profile, Session 1989-91.

64.            Fida Muhammad, Education in Malakand Agency, Session 1989-91.

65.            Wazir Zada Khan, Allah Bakhsh Yousafi, Session 1985-87.

66.            M. Waheed-uz-Zaman, Major Political and Religious Steps Taken by the Zia Regime, Session 1988-90.

67.            Haizal Begum, The Akhund of Swat: Abdul Ghaffoor (A Biographical Sketch), Session 1990-92.

68.            Saleem Javed, Abdul Ghani Khan Ghani (Life and Works), Session 1989-91.

69.            Akhtar Iqbal Yousafzai, The Congress Civil Disobedience Movement in Nwfp (1930), Session 1990-92.

70.            Gul Hussain, Ghulam Muhammad Khan Lund Khwar, Session   1982-84.

71.            M. Aslam Khan Marwat, Khan Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai (A Profile), Session 1990-92.

72.            Shah Zamin Khan, Maulana Abdul Haqq of Akora Khattak: A Religious and Political Profile, Session 1990-92.

73.            Ghulam Mustafa, The Gujars in Mansehra, Session 1990-92.

74.            Ismatullah Khan Marwat, Imran Khan, Session 1990-92.

75.            Sajjad Ahmad, Indo-Pakistan Relations (1947-58), Session 1990-92.

76.            Muhammad Ibrahim, The Sino-Pak Relations, 1971-77, Session 1990-92.

77.            Muhammad Parvez, Abbottabad Public School and College: History and Achievements, Session 1989-91.

78.            Farooq Ahmad, Agriculture in Tehsil Mansehra (1980-1990), Session    1989-91.

79.            Ruqqia Jabeen, Prospects of Tourism in Hazara Division, Session 1989-91.

80.            Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Muhammad Khawas Khan: Life and Works, Session   1989-91.

81.            Niaz Muhammad Khan, Pir Faqeerullah Bakoti: Life and Mission, Session 1989-91.

82.            Iffat Ara, Female Education at Mansehra District, Session 1989-91.

83.            Riaz Anwar, Gadoon Amazai Industrial Estate, An Economic Drive Against Poppy Cultivation, Session 1989-91.

84.            Arifa Hina, Role of Women in the Politics of Pakistan, Session 1990-92.

85.            Zafarullah Khan, Muhammad Afzal Bangash – A Profile, 1924-86, Session 1990-92.

86.            Amanullah, Syed Maudoodi – A Profile, Session 1990-92.

87.            Habib-ur-Rehman Swati, SAARC: Organization and Achievements, Session 1989-91.

88.            Shahbaz Khan, Life and Works of Maulana Abdul Qadir, Session 1991-93.

89.            Maqsad Ali, Customs and Traditions of Gujjars – A Case Study of Punjool Village, Session 1989-91.

90.            Nabila, The Indo-Pak Relations (1958-1965), Session 1991-93.

91.            Zainab Bibi, History of Educational Development in the Bajaur Agency, Session 1991-93.

92.            Alam Zeb, The Life and Works of Justice Muhammad Abdul Quddus Qasmi, Session 1991-93.

93.            Humayun Khan Yousaf-zai,   Prominent Khudai Khidmatgars in District Swabi, Session 1991-93.

94.            Muhammad Yaqub, Charsadda ‘Land and People’ (Historical Perspective), Session 1991-93.

95.            Hayat Muhammad Khan, Sayyid Taqweem-ul-Haq Kaka Khel – A Profile (1925-93), Session 1991-93.

96.            Faqir-ur-Rehman Jadoon, Main Tribes of Gadoon Area, Session 1984-86.

97.            Hidayat-ul-Islam, A Study of the Molikhow Region of Chitral District, Session 1982-84.

98.            Jehan Zeb Khan, Faqir of Ipi, Session 1981-83.

99.            Najeebullah, Frontier Jamaat-E-Islami, Session 1985-87.

100.         Humaira Siddiq, A Study of Marriage Ceremonies in Peshawar; in Their Historical Perspective, Session 1983-85.

101.         Murad Ali Shah, Maulana Ozair Gul: The Prisoner of Malta, Session      1981-83.

102.         Mehr Zaman Tahirkheli, Mosques of Peshawar, Session 1981-83.

103.         Niaz Muhammad, Peshawar Municipal Corporation, Session 1982-84.

104.         Qari M. Rahim Shah, Dir Under the Rule of Nawab Muhammad Shah Jehan (1925-1960), Session 1983-85.

105.         Safiullah Khan Marwat, Some Prominent Marwat Poets, Session 1991-93.

106.         Tallat Nosheen, Pakistan–United States Security Relations, Session   1989-91.

107.         Aneela Durrani, Legal Rights of Women in Pakistan, Session 1991-93.

108.         Ghulam Akbar Khudu Khel,   Land and People of District Mardan, Session 1987-89.

109.         S. Azhar Hussain Shah, Pakistand Foreign Policy, 1958 – 69, Session  1991-93.

110.         Muhammad Khalid, An Analysis of The Military Aspects of The Gulf War, Session 1991-93.

111.         Arshad Khan Yousafzai, Indo-Pak Relations Bhutto Era (1971-77), Session 1992-94.

112.         Muhammad Yousif Swati, The Role of Non-Governmental Organization in Hazara Division, Session 1989-91.

113.         Zafarullah Jan Fakhar, The Role of Pakistan in The Afghan Crisis (1978-88), Session 1992-94.

114.         Saeeda, Political & Constitutional Developments in Pakistan (1958-72), Session 1991-93.

115.         Saeedur-Rehman, Mir Khalilur-Rehman – A Profile, Session 1992-94.

116.         Muhammad Ishfaq, Ayub Medical College Abbottabad: History and Achievements, Session 1991-93.

117.         Syed Ali Shah, Electoral System of Pakistan, Session 1992-94.

118.         Gul Ali, Allama S. Arif Hussain Al-Hussaini, Session 1992-94.

119.         Zile Huma, Bahadur Shah Zafar Kakakhel – A Profile, Session 1992-94.

120.         Hasham Khan, Political Leaders of District Dir (1970-93), Session 1992-94.

121.         Kahkashan, Political Career of Mohtrama Fatima Jinnah, Session 1991-93.

122.         Muzaffar Said, The Role of Z. A. Bhutto in the Formulation of Pakistan Foreign Policy, Session 1992-94.

123.         Muhammad Latif, Malik Amir Alam Awan; Life and Services, Session     1989-91.

124.         Farah Jabeen, Dr. Ghulam Jillani Burq – A Profile, Session 1992-94.

125.         Kalimullah, The Concept of Jihad in the Sub-Continent Since 1857, Session 1991-93.

126.         Farman Ali, Economic Co-operation Organization: Evolution and Achievements, Session 1992-94.

127.         Khalid Sarwar, Potato Research Centre Abbottabad: Objectives and Achievements, Session 1993-95.

128.         Fazal Mabood, Pak-U.S Relations: Zia Era, Session 1993-95.

129.         Muhammad Humayun, Lake Saif-ul-Muluk “A Tourist Resort”, Session  1989-91.

130.         Ishrat Jabeen, Indigenous Uprising in Occupied Kashmir since 1987, Session 1992-94.

131.         Zubaida Khanum, S.O.S Children’s Village Dhodial (Mansehra), Session 1992-94.

132.         Allahyar Khan Wazir, Agriculture in District Bannu (1984-1994), Session 1993-95.

133.         Rahim Zada, The Battle of Ambela (1863) Against the British in N-W.F.P, Session 1993-95.

134.         Tilawat Shah, The Role of Local NGOs in the Social Uplift of District Swabi, Session 1993-95.

135.         Amir Nawaz Marwat, Abdur Raheem Majzoob: An Appreciation of His Poetic Elements, Session 1994-96.

136.         Muhammad Fayyaz Shaikh,  Tobacco Research Sub-Station, Mansehra “Its Role and Achievements”, Session 1992-94.

137.         Nasir Hamayoun, The Life and Works of Professor G.J. Pareshan Khattak, Session 1993-95.

138.         Wali Muhammad, Maulana Abdul Rahim Popalzai – A Profile, Session  1994-96.

139.         Barkatullah, Agriculture in Dera Ismail Khan (1980-88), Session 1993-95.

140.         Khalil Muhammad Khan, Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Session 1992-94.

141.         Riaz Hussain, Agricultural Research Station Dhodial: Objectives and Achievements, Session 1994-96.

142.         Javed Iqbal, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan: History and Achievements, Session 1992-94.

143.         Saeed Ahmad, Over Population and Socio-Economic Development in Pakistan, Session 1994-96.

144.         Syed Inam-ur-Rehman, Contribution of Daily the Frontier Post to Pashtu Literature (1992-95), Session 1994-96.

145.         Hazrat Hussain, Tourism in District Swat, Session 1993-95.

146.         Khalid Rahman Khan, Muhammad Iqbal Khan Jadoon – A Profile, Session 1993-95.

147.         Nawazish Mehboob, History of Pakistan Air Force, 1947-69, Session     1994-96.

148.         Zia-ud-Din Chishti, Iqbal’s Criticism of The Western Concept of Nationalism, Session 1994-96.

149.         Zahida Nasreen, Life and Achievements of Maulana Muhammad Ilyas (Rehmatullah Alaih), Session 1993-95.

150.         Babur Bashir Khan, Land and People of Mansehra District, Session 1994-96.

151.         Intikhab Alam Khan, President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (A – Profile), Session 1992-94.

152.         Jamil Ahmad, Ahmad Faraz: Life and Works, Session 1992-94.

153.         Shagufta Shaheen, Qilla Bala Hisar Peshawar, Session 1994-96.

154.         Aftab Ahmad, Government Jahanzeb College (Saidu Sharif, Swat): History and Achievements, Session 1992-94.

155.         Asim Khan, National Tea Research Station Shinkiari: Objectives & Achievements, Session 1992-94.

156.         Muhammad Jamil, The Life and Works of Maulana Midrarullah Midrar, Session 1993-95.

157.         Hafiz Nasir-ud-Din Moh-mand, Life and Movement of Sayyid Ahmad Shaheed, Session 1992-94.

158.         Muhammad Alam Khan, Pak-China Relations, 1961-72, Session 1993-95.

159.         Rizwanullah Swati, PATA Development Project Malakand: Objectives and Achievements, Session 1994-96.

160.         Syida Rabila Ahmad, Development Planning in Pakistan, Session 1994-96.

161.         Shakeel Akhtar, Cereal Crops Research Institute Pirsabak (Nowshera): History and Achievements, Session 1994-96.

162.         Robina Shaheen, Women’s Literary Activities during The Mughal Period, Session 1993-95.

163.         Tahir Mahmood, Afghan Crisis, 1992-95; An Appraisal, Session 1995-97.

164.         Muhammad Azhar Ali Khan,  Pakistan-Bangladesh Relations – An Overview, Session 1994-96.

165.         Zahid Hussain Shah, Life and Services of Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas, Session 1991-93.

166.         Hussain Muhammad, Duality in the National Character of Pakistan: A Case Study of the Marriage Ceremonies in N-W.F.P, Session 1994-96.

167.         Yasmin Qureshi, Women Development in The North-West Frontier Province, Session 1994-96.

168.         Muhammad Amin, The Impact of Eighth Constitutional Amendment on Politics in Pakistan, Session 1994-96.

169.         Rahatullah, Dir District Development Project: Objectives and Achievements, Session 1995-97.

170.         Asif Iqbal, Evaluation of Problems Hindering, the Implementation of Uniform System of Education, Session 1994-96.

171.         Naila Aftab, Female Education in Bannu District, Session 1994-96.

172.         Muhammad Jehanzeb Khan, BACH Christian Hospital Qalandarabad: History and Achievements, Session 1992-94.

173.         Murad Ali Khan, Child Labour: A Case Study of The District Peshawar, Session 1995-97.

174.         Raja Zahoor Ahmad, Mansehra Village Support Project: Objectives and Achievements, Session 1995-97.

175.         Tanveer Ahmad, Irrigation System in Mansehra District, Session 1992-94.

176.         Hidayatullah Khan, Pakistan Relations with the Central Asian Republics (1991-96), Session 1995-97.

177.         Ali Rahman, Muhammad Pervesh Shaheen (Life and Works), Session  1995-97.

178.         Habib-ur-Rahman Jalib Marwat, The Working of the Basic Democracies under Ayub Khan, Session 1995-97.

179.         Jamshed Khan, Z. A. Bhutto As A Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Session 1995-97.

180.         Muhammad Aslam, The Rulers of Amb State, Session 1992-94.

181.         Rizwana Shaheen, Land and People of Haripur District, Session 1995-97.

182.         Iftikhar Ahmad, Special Education Institutions in Hazara, Session 1992-94.

183.         Mansur Khan Mahsud, Impact of Education on Social Change in South Waziristan Agency, Session 1994-96.

184.         Habib-Ur-Rehman, Role of Private Sector in Promoting Primary Education in District Peshawar, Session 1995-97.

185.         Shahid Aziz, Major Environmental Problems in the Peshawar City, Session 1995-97.

186.         Sayed Hamidullah Shah Marwat, Agricultural Research Institute Ratta Kullachi (History and Achievements), Session 1995-97.

187.         Imtiaz Hussain Turi, Land and People of Kurram Agency, Session 1995-97.

188.         Tahir Ahmad Yousafzai, Agriculture Development in the District Dir, 1986-96, Session 1996-98.

189.         Akhtar Hussain, Political Alliances during Bhutto and Zia Regimes, 1971-88, Session 1996-98.

190.         Shabana Gul Khattak, The Place of Pushtu Language in the Educational System of N-W.F.P, Session 1996-98.

191.         Ambreen Ghani, Local Government in Pakistan, Session 1994-96.

192.         Sheikh Arif Mehmood, Hazrat Pir Shah Latif Bari Imam, Session 1995-97.

193.         Shazia Shaheen, Bannu Land and People, Session 1994-96.

194.         Robina Rehmat, Tahrik-i-Nifaz-i-Shriat-i-Muhammadi (T.N.S.M), Session 1994-96.

195.         Shazia Durrani, N-W.F.P Legislature Through the Ages: 1932-96, Session 1996-98.

196.         Saeedullah Khan Shin-wari,  Khyber Pass through the Ages, Session    1994-96.

197.         Syed Shah Hussain Shah, Life and Works of Mir Ahmad Shah Rizwani, Session 1996-98.

198.         Muhammad Sabir, Islami Jamhoori Itihad and Its Impact on Pakistan’s Politics, Session 1996-98.

199.         Ataullah, Duality in National Character of Pakistan “A Case Study of Decision Making of Parents Regarding Their Children’s Education”, Session 1996-98.

200.         Naila Aman, The Role of Judiciary in the Constitutional Development of Pakistan (1947-97), Session 1995-97.

201.         Iqtidar Ali, The Khalils in District Peshawar, Session 1995-97.

202.         Muhammad Ali, Islamia College Peshawar (History and Achievements), Session 1996-98.

203.         Gul Naz Tamash, Drug Abuse in District Peshawar, Session 1995-97.

204.         Salar Muhammad, Muhammad Hanif Khan – A Political Biography, Session 1992-94.

205.         Inayatullah Khan, Isha’at Al-Tauhid Wa’l-Sunnah Pakistan – A Religious Movement, Session 1996-98.

206.         Aqal Gul Mohmand, Referendum for the Accession of N-W.F.P 1947, Session 1996-98.

207.         Muhammad Iqbal, Role of the Aga Khan Education Service Pakistan (AKESP) in Northern Areas (N.A’s), Session 1996-98.

208.         Gul Bad Shah, Land and People of Kala Dhaka (Black Mountain), Session 1995-97.

209.         Faiza Bashir, Role of Bureaucracy in Political Development of Pakistan (1947 – 1971), Session 1996-98.

210.         Saifura Rashid, Special Education in Peshawar Division (1996 – 98), Session 1996-98.

211.         Muhammad Ali Khan, The Role of Awans in Politics – A Case Study of District Attock, Session 1995-97.

212.         Asma Umbarin Sikandar, Position of Women under Family Laws of Pakistan, Session 1996-98.

213.         Fakhar Alam, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology “A Profile”, Session 1996-98.

214.         Saira Ilyas, An Enquiry in the Problems of Working Women in Abbottabad, Session 1993-95.

215.         Muhammad Jamil Ahmad Khan, Agricultural Development in Mardan District (1986 To 1997), Session 1996-98.

216.         Tamseela Riaz, The Gates of the Walled City of Peshawar, Session      1996-98.

217.         Shah Khisro, District Council Mansehra - History and Achievements, Session 1991-93.

218.         Islam-ud-Din, The Tribe of Utmankhel (A Profile), Session 1996-98.

219.         Noor Muhammad, Land and People of Bajaur Agency, Session 1996-98.

220.         Nasrullah Afridi, Ajab Khan Afridi, A Legendary Pakhtoon Figure, Session 1996-98.

221.         Ibranullah, The Land and the People of District Buner, Session 1996-98.

222.         Nasir Khan, Eighth Amendment and Its Impact on Pakistan Politics, Session 1996-98.

223.         Muhammad Abbas Khan Afridi, Dara Adam Khel Past and Present, Session 1996-98.

224.         Bushra Jabeen, Rural Development in District Mardan (1980-90), Session 1996-98.

225.         Javed Iqbal, The Role of U.S in Pakistani Politics (1947-62), Session     1996-98.

226.         Tehmina Hanan Lodhi, Female Education in District Abbottabad, Session 1994-96.

227.         Shah Wali Khan, The Role of India in Separation of East Pakistan, Session 1996-98.

228.         Safana Noreen Qureshi, Government Polytechnic Institute Haripur (Sara-e-Saleh) NWFP Pakistan: History and Achievements, Session 1994-96.

229.         Sikandar Hayat Khan, Problems and Prospects of Democracy in Pakistan, Session 1997-99.

230.         Bilqees Irshad, Journalism in Hazara, Session 1996-98.

231.         Wajahat Romana, The Land and People of Swat, Session 1996-98.

232.         Azeem Gul, Land and People of District Swabi, Session 1997-99.

233.         Sughra Miskeen, Marriage Ceremonies in Mansehra, Session 1996-98.

234.         Ziaullah, Election 1988 and Religeo Political Parties in Pakistan, Session 1997-99.

235.         Nayyar Amina Haider, T.B Sanatorium Dadar Mansehra, Session 1996-98.

236.         Said Abdur Rab Khan, Roshan Kahn, A Profile, Session 1996-98.

237.         Seema Begum, Dr. Khan Sahib – A Profile, Session 1997-99.

238.         Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Government & Politics in N-W.F.P (1977-85), Session 1997-99.

239.         Noor Ilahi, Ghulam Ishaq Khan as a President of Pakistan, Session 1997-99.

240.         Bakht Jamal Khan, The Swatis in Hazara, Session 1997-99.

241.         Sadeeq Akbar, The Role of Non-Governmental Organization in the Social Uplift of District Charsadda, Session 1997-99.

242.         Muhammad Shafique, The Cabinet Mission Plan: An Historical Review, Session 1996-98.

243.         Haider Zaman, The State of Human Rights in NWFP, Session 1997-99.

244.         Rahat Shah, Education in Private Sector (A Case Study of District Swat), Session 1997-99.

245.         Muhammad Ismail, Urbanisation in N-W.F.P, Session 1996-98.

246.         Askar Ali, P.T.V Peshawar Centre and Its Prominent Drama Artists, Session 1997-99.

247.         Husnur Rahman, Pakistan under Junejo (1985-88), Session 1997-99.

248.         Saima Noor, Frontier Scouts North-West Frontier Province, Session      1997-99.

249.         Iqbal Hussain, The Role of NGOs in Community Development (A Case Study of Mardan, District), Session 1997-99.

250.         Abida Azeem Afridi, Syeds of Tirah, Session 1997-99.

251.         Nasim Mumtaz, Role of Religio Political Parties in Pakistani Politics (1947-77), Session 1997-99.

252.         Mohammad Ishaq, Fakhr-e-Kashmir, Haji Mohammad Amin: Life and Services, Session 1997-99.

253.         Alam Zeb, Land and People of Malakand Agency, Session 1996-98.

254.         Saifullah, U.N Role in the Kashmir Dispute, Session 1997-99.

255.         Muhammad Tariq Ali, Reshmi Romal Movement in Northwest Frontier Province, Session 1998-2000.

256.         Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad , Significance of Objectives Resolution in the Constitu-tional History of Pakistan, Session 1997-99.

257.         Shahid Ahmad, Causes of Ayub Khan’s Downfall, Session 1997-99.

258.         Riaz Khaliq, Female Education in Charsadda District, Session 1997-99.

259.         Shaista Gohar, Begum Zari Sarfraz – A Profile, Session 1997-99.

260.         Noor-ul-Amin, Maulana Saif-ur-Rahman (A Profile), Session 1998-2000.

261.         Abdus Samad Khan, Voting Behaviour in Pakistan “A Case Study of Constituency (N.A-26) in The 1997 Elections”, Session 1997-99.

262.         Tahira Noor, Polygamy – A Case Study of Nwfp, Session 1997-99.

263.         Muhammad Javaid, The Crisis of National Identity in Pakistan, Session 1998-2000.

264.         Nadia Bashir, Government and Politics in N-W.F.P (1985-97), Session  1997-99.

265.         Nazir Muhammad Afridi, The Zakha Khel Tribe – A Profile, Session 1997-99.

266.         Saima Noreen, The Presidential Election of Pakistan (1964-1965), Session 1998-2000.

267.         Assad Jan, Pak-U.S.S.R Relations: 1947-77, Session 1997-99.

268.         Ubaid Ullah, The Role of Ideology in The National Integration of Pakistan, Session 1998-2000.

269.         Sofia Naeem, Fida Mohammad Khan – A Study of His Political Constitution, Session 1997-99.

270.         Gohar Ali, Dost Mohammad Khan Kamil, Session 1997-99.

271.         Sher-re-Yar, Haji Sahib Turangzai: His Life and Works, Session 1997-99.

272.         Ghazala Yasmin, The Role of Pakistan Tobacco Company (MAN. DEPOT) in The Promotion of Tobacco Production in District Mansehra, Session  1995-97.

273.         Amna Rasheed, Land and People of Multan, Session 1997-99.

274.         Sabeen Ahmad, Ghulam Faruque Khan – A Profile, Session 1997-99.

275.         Rashid Ahmad, Hira National Education Foundation in Swat Region, Session 1998-2000.

276.         Ibadullah Jan, Mughals of Dir and Bajaur, Session 1998-2000.

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557.         Haram Bibi, Pak-Afghan Relations during Benazir Bhutto Era (1988-90 & 1993-96), Session 2006-08.

558.         Saima Huma, Success and Failure of Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Session 2006-08.

559.         Safia Habib, Growth and Development of Female Education in District Charsadda, Session 2005-07.

560.         Muhammad Waqar, Elections 2002 – An Analysis, Session 2005-07.

561.         Zahida Shireen, Female Education in District Swabi, Session 2005-07.

562.         Sadaf Mohib, Myth of Judicial Independence in Pakistan (The Appointment and Removal of the Judges of Sperior Courts during Musharraf’s Government (1999-2007), Session 2006-08.

563.         Ibrar Hussain, Qazi Hussain Ahmad – A Profile, Session 2007-09.

564.         Khurshid Iqbal, The Land and People of Shangla, Session 2007-09.

565.         Muhammad Riaz, Tobacco Production in District Mardan, Session 2007-09.

566.         Hina Rehman, Women Protection Initiatives in NWFP - The Role of Public Sector, Session 2007-09.


567.         Muhammad Farooq Shah, Kashmir Issue during Musharraf Era, Session 2007-09.

568.         Shagufta Sattar, The Role of NGOs in Tehsil Takht Bhai, Session 2007-09.

569.         Beenish Rahim, Female Education in District Tank (Primary, Middle and High), Session 2007-09.

570.         Nosheen, The Drug Adiction and Rehabilitation the Role NGOs (A Case Study of Peshawar), Session 2007-09.

571.         Akbar Ali, Tourism in Dir Area, Session 2005-07.

572.         Nazima, MMA Government in NWFP and its Assessment, Session 2006-08.

573.         Saira Jan, Comparative Study of Tablighi Jama’at and Jama’at-i-Islami, Session 2006-08.

574.         Kamran Khan, Peshawar Pearl Continental Hotel and Appraisal, Session 2004-06.

575.         Uzma Khan, Constitutional Crisis in Pakistan from 1997-2008, Session 2007-09.

576.         Muhammad Fahim Khan, Science Education Project-II, NWFP, Session 2007-09.

577.         Muhammad Rehman Shah, Primary Education in North Waziristan Agency, Session 2007-09.

578.         Abid Zaman, Delict Juvenile in Peshawar Central Jail: A Case Study, Session 2007-09.

579.         Aneeta Rehman, Health and Education Services of NGOs in Razar, District Swabi, Session 2007-09.

580.         Shazia Kalsoom, Muhammad Aslam Khan Khattak – Life and Works, Session 2005-07.

581.         Nighat Shaheen, Child Labour in District Haripur, Session 2005-07.

582.         Maryam Gul, Beggary as a Profession in District Mardan – A Case Study of Village Shergarh, Session 2007-09.

583.         Hadia, Non Formal Education for the Street Chidren of Peshawar, Session 2007-09.

584.         Shabir ALam, Government and Politics in NWFP (1997-2008), Session 2007-09.

585.         Kalsoom Bibi, Role of NGOs in District Lower Dir, Session 2007-09.

586.         Mirza Ali Jan, Pakistan Movement in Chitral, Session 2007-09.

587.         Tanveer Shafqat, Child Labour in District Nowshera, Session 2006-08.

588.         Shahab Ahmad, Political & Constitutional Development during Musharraf Regime (1999-2007), Session 2005-07.

589.         Zill-i-Huma, Pak-Iran Relations from 1999-2008, Session 2007-09.

590.         Matiullah Shah, Customs and Traditions of Wazirs, Session 2006-08.

591.         Gohar Ali Shah, Royal Family of Dir, Session 2007-09.

592.         Ishaq Ahmad, Beggary as a Social Problem (A Case Study of District Peshawar), Session 2007-09.

593.         Shagufta Bibi, Regions Education in District Malakan (A Case Study of Jamia Rahmania), Session 2007-09.

594.         Muhammad Iqbal, The Role of Ulama in Constitution Making Process of Pakistan, Session 2007-09.

595.         Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Child Labour in District Lakki Marwat, Session 2007-09.

596.         Mian Shah Hussain, Political History of Pakistan and Imposition of Martial (1947-2007), Session 2005-07.

597.         Shah Nawaz, Deeni Madaris of District Peshawar, Session 2007-09.

598.         Nabeela Umar, Custom and Tradition of Adam Khel Tribe, Session 2007-09.

599.         Muhammad Naveed, Professor Jehanzeb Niaz, Session 2007-09.

600.         Raza Khan, The Life and Works of Dr. Muhammad Azam “Azam”, Session 2007-09.

601.         Azra, Swat Operation (2007-2009), Session 2007-09.

602.         Siraj Begum, FemaleEducation in Kurram Agency, Session 2007-09.

603.         Abida Rahim, Water Storage Potential: A Case Study of Small Dams in District Karak and its Impact on People, Session 2007-09.

604.         Ehtesham Israr, Child Labour in District Bannu, Session 2007-09. 

605.         Majid Ali, Bakht Jamal Khan - His Life and Works, Session 2006-08.

606.         Afsha Perviz, Joint Family System and its Effects (A Case Study of District Swabi), Session 2007-09.

607.         Zainab Umar, Festival and Cerefonies of District Charsadda, Session 2007-09.

608.         Amjad Ali, Dr. Muhammad Humayun Huma, Session 2007-09.

609.         Alam Khan, Educational Development in Khyber Agency, Session 2007-09.

610.         Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Afzal Khan Lala – A Profile, Session 2007-09.

611.         Nazish Ali, The Growth and Development of Education in Kuram Agency after 1947, Session 2008-10.

612.         Umar Rahman, Marble Factories in District Buner, Session 2008-10.

613.         Irfan Ali, Independence of Judiciary, Session 2007-09.

614.         Salma Begum, Education Movement of Haji Sahib Turangzai, Session 2007-09.  

615.         Sahib-ul-Haq, Education in District Dir Lower, Session 2007-09.

616.         Imtiaz Ali, Child Protection Initiatives (Role of Private Sector) A Acse Study of Five Selected NGOs, Session 2007-09.

617.         Ambreen Begum, Technical Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2007-09.

618.         Shehla Gul, The Impact of War against Terrorism of Pakistan, Session 2008-10.

619.         Sadia Khalil, The Problems of Working Women (A Case Study of the Banks of District Peshawar), Session 2008-10.

620.         Saida Bibi, Pak-US Alliance in Combating Terrorism, Session 2008-10.

621.         Safiullah, Dr. Sher Zaman Taizai – Life and Works, Session 2008-10.

622.         Rafiq Ahmad, A Review of National Rural Supporting Programme (NRSP) in Community Development in District Malakand, Session 2007-09.

623.         Rubina Zahir, Agriculture Development in District Charsadda, Session 2007-09.

624.         Amanullah, Health Cove Initiative in Mohmand Agency, Session 2007-09.

625.         Muqaddas Jehan, Dowary System in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, Session 2007-09.

626.         Karishma Aman, The Role of Private Sector in the Development of Education (up to Secondary Level) A Case Study of Charsadda District, Session 2008-10.

627.         Adnan Khattak, Human Rights – Islam un-Charter & Pakistani Constitution, Session 2008-10.

628.         Roohullah, Federal Eduaction in Tehsil Bara Khyber Agency, Session 2007-09.

629.         Zia-ur-Rahman, Rural – Urban Disparities in Female Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2008-10.

630.         Imranullah, Pak-US Relations during Musharraf Regime (1999-2008), Session 2008-10.

631.          Fouzia Khattak, History of Awami National Party and Its Role in Election (2008), Session 2007-09.

632.         Arbab Khan, Local Government System in district Dir Upper with Special Emphasis on Musharraf’s Devolution Plan, Session 2007-09.

633.         Attia Qureshi, Role and Performance of NGOs in District Mardan, Session 2008-10.

634.         Muhammad Sadeeq, Afridi Tribe, Session 2007-09.

635.         Jawad Ali, Dar-ul-Ulum Jamia Islamia Tafheem-ul-Quran Mardan, Session 2007-09.

636.         Hafizullah, Female Education in District Chitral, Session 2008-10.

637.         Uzma Bibi, Education and Rehabilitation of Blind People in Lhyber Paktunkhwa, Session 2008-10.

638.         Lubna Gul, Education and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Dumb People in Lhyber Paktunkhwa, Session 2008-10.

639.         Lubna Ayaz, Impacts of Pakistan Flood 2010 on District Charsadda, Session 2008-10.

640.         Rubab Jamal, Energy Crisis in Pakistan, Session 2008-10.

641.         Waqas Ali, Life and Works of Mian Tufail Muhammad, Session 2008-10.  

642.         Atraj Siraj, Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2008-10.

643.         Abdul Jamil, Parental Attitude towards Female Education in District Peshawar (A Case Study of two Selected Villages), Session 2008-10

644.         Muhammad Amir, Tourism Industry in Pakistan, 2008-10.

645.         Abdul Wadood, Administrative System of Chitral State, Session 2008-10.

646.         Sher Ahmad, The Role of Jigrain in Conflict Resolution in FATA (A Case Study of North Waziristan Agency, Session 2008-10.

647.         Madeha Neelam, Tobacco Production in District Swabi, Session 2008-10.

648.         Iltaf Khan, Beggery in District Nowshera (A Case Study), Session 2008-10.

649.         Muhammad Jamil Afridi, Police Reforms in a Comparative Perspective (A Case Study of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police in District Peshawar), Session 2005-07.

650.         Tasveem Naeem, Works of NGOs in District Nowshera, Session 2008-10.

651.         Hameed Ullah, Prominent Political Leaders of District Charsadda, Session 2008-10.

652.         Muhammad Ibrar Khan, Pakistan Afghanistan Relations during Musharraf Regime, Session 2008-10.

653.         Haqdar Ali Khan Causes of Back Wardness of Education in Bajaur Agency, Session 2008-10.

654.         Zakia Rehman, Chitral under the Rule of Prince Shuja-ul-Mulk, Session 2007-09.

655.         M. Bilal Khan Burki, Devolution Plan of General Pervez Musharraf Era (2001-2005), Session 2006-08.

656.         Nazia Mir, Impact of Livestock on the Life of Rural Women in District Mardan, Session 2008-10.

657.         Musarat Naz, Managed School (A Case Study of District Peshawar), Session 2008-10.

658.         Ibrar Hussain, Swat From Tourism to Terrorism, Session 2008-10.

659.         Sajawal Mulk, Dropout of Chidren (Male) at Primary & Secondary Level in District Mardan, Session 2008-10.

660.         Saima, Nursing Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2008-10.

661.         Anayat Khan, Health Facilities in District Malakand, Session 2007-09.

662.         Nosheen, The Issue of the Remaining N.W.F.P. (A Critique), Session 2006-08.

663.         Shah Rukh Hafeez, District Charsadda: A Case Study of Footwear and Khaddar Making, Session 2007-09.

664.         Hameed-ud-Din, Impact of Swat Operation on Chitral (From October 2007-2010), Session 2008-10.

665.         Israr Muhammad, Impact of Modern Agricultural Technology on the Socio-Econimc Conditions of Farmers (A Case Study of Moti Banda Lund Khwar Mardan, Session 2008-10.

666.         Amir Seeyab, Prominent Politiciens of District Mardan, Session 2008-10.

667.         Umar Daraz Khan, Female Education in North Waziristan, Session 2008-10.

668.         Saima Akbar, Women Protection Initiatiative under Private Sector (Case Study Peshawar), Session 2007-09.

669.         Fazal Malik, Major General (Retd) Naseerullah Khan Babar – A Profile, Session 2008-10.

670.         Noor Haleem, The Role of Private Institution in the Promotion of Primary Education in Khyber Agency, Session 2002-04.

671.         Hazrat Hamza, Child Labour in Khyber Agency (A Case Study of Bara Tehsil), Session 2007-09.

672.         Rabia Shah, Qamber Khel Tribe of Afridis, Session 2008-10.

673.         Komal Shah, Kalash Tribe, Session 2008-10.

674.         Ummia Bibi, The Role of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institution of Science & Technology in the Field of Technical Education, Session 2007-09.

675.         Fouzia Jalal, Madrassas of Pakistan, 2007-09.

676.         Shazia Jalal, Major Hospital in District Peshawar and Case Study of Mission Hospital, Session 2007-09.

677.         Saiqa Bano, Sin Sultan  Muhammad Shah Agha Khan III (A Profile), Session 2002-04. 

678.         Saima Jabeen, Constitutional Challeges Faced by Pakistan during Musharraf Era, Session 2008-10.

679.         Maryam Begum, Skill Development Programme under Socuial Welfare Development in District Charsadda, Session 2007-09.

680.         Murad Ali, Female Education in District Upper Dir, Session 2008-10.

681.         Awal  Khan,  Qamar Rahi – As a  Poet, Session 2007-09.

682.         Iram Safi, The Safis, Session  2008-10.

683.         Qudratullah, Investigation in to the Problems of Elimantry Education in District Bannu, Session 2008-10.

684.         Umra Begum, Health Facilities in District Charsadda, Session 2008-10.

685.         Zainab, Gender Discrimination in Education in Federally Administration Tribal Area (FATA), Pakistan, Session 2005-07.

686.         Iram Naz, Human Security in Pakistan with Reference to Poverty and Basic Education,  Session 2005-07.

687.         Hina Qayum Wazir, Gender Discrimination in Education Seetor (A Case Study of Bannu District, Session 2007-09.

688.         Kifayat Ullah Jan, Muhammad Abdul Latif, Pir of  Manki Sharif, Session 2009-11.

689.         Haleema Bibi, The Role of Private Sector in Promoting Education in District Swabi,  Session  2009-11.

690.         Gul Muhammad, Public Response towards Military Operation in North Waziristan Agency, Session 2009-11.

691.         Kiran Ahmad, Constitution Development in Pakistan from 1999 to 2011, Session 2009-11.

692.         Ahmad Nawaz, The Ahmadzai Wazir (An Appraisal), Session 2009-11.

693.         Nabeela Khan, Problems of Rural Women  (A  Case Study of District Swabi),  Session 2007-09.

694.         Sidra Shahnawaz Khan, A Profile on the Speakers of Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (1937-2010), Session 2008-10.

695.         Mukhtiar Ahmad, Child Labour in FATA (A Case Study of Torkham Area,  Session 2008-10.

696.         Saeed Moula, The Role of International Committee of the Re-Cross Movement in Sttlement of Internally Displaces Persons (A Case of Malakand Division), Session 2008-10.

697.         Nouman Khan,  2010 Flood (A Case Study of District Charsadda), Session 2009-11.

698.         Shah Ahmad, Some Prominent Political Leaders of Chitral, Session 2009-11.

699.         Yaseen Khan, Causes and Working Condition at Child Labour in Mechanical Workshops (A Cade Study of Pagai Town Malakand Agency, Session 2009-11.

700.         Neelam Naz, Role of National Supporting Program in Poverty Alternation in Pakistan (A Case Study of Mardan), Session 2009-11.

701.         Khalid Khan, Life of Alamzeb Umerzai and his Political Career until his Martyrdom, Session 2009-11.

702.         Ahmad Jan, Child Labour in District Swabi, Session 2009-11.

703.         Rabia Bibi, The Role of NRO in Political and Judicial Development, Session 2008-10.

704.         Lubna Nazif, Women Protection Bill 2006 - An Appraisal, Session 2006-08.

705.         Amina Bibi, Status of Primary Education in District Datagram 2008-2011, Session 2009-11.

706.         Arbab Haris Ahmad, The Contribution of Khalil Tribe to the Establishment of Peshawar University, Session 2009-11.

707.         Zar Sher, The Land and the People of Khudo Khel in District Buner, Session 2009-11.

708.         Arshad Ali, The New Great Game and Opportunities for Pakistan, Session 2009-11.

709.         Salma Begum, Problems Faced by Female Teaches in Government Schools (A Case Study of District Charsadda, Session 2009-11.

710.         Samiullah, Deeni Madaris in District Dir Lower, Session 2009-11.

711.         Ashir-ud-Din, Life and Services of Shahzada Muhiuddin, Session 2009-11.

712.         Mukhtiar Shah, Primary Education in District Buner, Session 2009-11.  

713.         Wahid Ali, Minorities in District Buner, Session 2009-11.

714.         Zeeshan Aziz, Khazana Sugar Mills Peshawar, Session 2008-10.

715.         Naila Alam, A Comparative Study of the Academic Performance of Public and Private Secondary Schools at District Malaknad, Session 2009-11.

716.         Syed Sardar Hussain, Life and Services of G.D. Langlands, Session 2009-11.

717.         Zeenat Ihsan, Female Education in F.R. Bannu (Primary to College Level), Session 2009-11.

718.         Waqar Iqbal, Female Education at Secondary Level in District Buner, Session 2009-11.

719.         Zikriya, Causes of Divorce in District Peshawar, Session 2009-11.

720.         Amin Ullah, Private Institutional in District Karak, Session 2009-11.

721.         Eid-ur-Rahman, Health Services in District Chitral, Session 2009-11.

722.         Sadaf Khan, Electoral Program of Political Parties (A Case STudy of 2008 Elections), Session 2007-09.

723.         Laiq Shah, History and Genealogy of Tribes of Amazia Swabi, Session 2008-10.

724.         Naseehit Begum, Impact of Khudai Khidmatgar Movement on Pakhtun Society, Session 2008-10.

725.         Fahad Khalil, Fida Muthwahir Life and Works, Session 2009-11.

726.         Amber Saba, Khalil Awami Itihad Peshawar, Session 2010-12.

727.         Aisha Ambreen, Problems of Domestic Female Child Labour in District Peshawar. Session 2010-12.

728.         Kaleem Iqbal, The Life and Works of Abdur Rauf Shah Gharibabadi, Session 2010-12.

729.         Irshad Ullah Khan, Comparasion of Private and Government Schools at Matric Level in Distric Lakki Marwat, Session 2010-12.

730.          Farkhanda Bibi, Role of Mardan in the Freedom Movement, Session 2010-12.

731.         Muhammad Ishaq, Mufti Muhammad Farid (A Profile), Session 2010-12.

732.         Fatima Bibi, History and Achievements of Jinnah College for Women University of Peshawar, Session 2010-12.

733.         Mehwish Riaz, Problems of Ladies Police in District Peshawar, Session 2010-12.

734.         Anbreen Jailani, Education in District Malakand (1990 to 2010), Session 2008-10.

735.         Liaqat Ali, Life and Works of Sahibzada Safi Ullah (Late) Ex-MNA, Session 2010-12.

736.         Jamshed-ur-Rehman, Some Prominent Poets of District Bannu, Session 2008-10.

737.         Atiq-ur-Rahman, Profile of Hazrat Maulana Syed Fazl-e-Ali Samdani Benori, Session 2010-12.

738.         Saira Ali, Health Facilities and Problems in Kurram Agency, Session 2010-12.

739.         Mir, Salam, The Nawabs of Tank, Session 2009-11.

740.         Taimur Khan, Toru: The Bukhara of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2008-10.

741.         Sidra Rehman, Health Services in Mardan District, Session 2010-12.

742.         Ayesha Janat, Health Services in North Waziristan Agency (A Case Study of Tehsil Mir Ali NWA), Session 2010-12.

743.         Noreen Gul, Ashraf Maftoon - Life and Works, Session 2010-12.

744.         Abid Ullah Khan, Female Education in District Lakki Marwat, Session 2010-12.

745.         Fazila Bibi, Private Educational Institutions in District Chitral (A Profile), Session 2010-12.

746.         Riaz-ud-Din, Problems of Education in District Dir (Lower), Session 2010-12.

747.         Momina Jamil, New Trends in the Teaching Methodology of Pakistan Studies at Secondary Level Schools, Session 2009-11.

748.         Mahmood Ali, Causes and Impacts of 2010 Flood (A Case Study of District Nowshera), Session 2009-11.

749.         Hazrat Hussain, Jamia Usmania, Peshawar Cantt, Session 2010-12.

750.         Sherbano Mukhtar, The Role of Archives and Public Library District Peshawar and its Profile, Session 2010-12.

751.         Atif Kamal, Life and Work of Ikram Ullah GRAN, Session 2009-11.

752.         Sajjad, Life and Work of Dr. Sahib Shah Sabir, Session 2010-12.

753.         Shamsa Bibi, The Land and People of Boghil Vally Chitral, Session 2010-12.

754.         Wasiullah, Dr. Muan Bashir Ahmad Kaka Khail - Life and Work, Session 2010-12.

755.         Raseela Begum, Problems Faced by Female Students in Co-Education Master Level (A Case Study of District Peshawar), Session 2008-10.

756.         Bushra, Girls Performance in Matric Examination 2011 of Mardan Board (A Comparison of GGHS Jalala and GGHSS Takht Bhai, Session 2010-12.

757.         Shabina, Role of NGOs in District Malakand, Session 2010-12.

758.         Humaira Begum, The Role of Electronic Media in Khyber Pakhtukhwa (Problems of Female Journalists), Session 2010-12.

759.         Noor-ul-Wahab, The Role of NGOs in the Development of Education in District Peshawar, Session 2010-12.

760.         Irfan Ullah, The Historical Places of Chitral (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Session 2009-11.

761.         Samna, The Mohsin Ehsan (His Life and Career), Session 2010-12.

762.         Islam Bibi, The Cuase and Reasons of Dropout of Female Students at Secondary Level in District Lakki Marwat, Session 2010-12.

763.         Amina Naz, Health Facilities and Problems District Swabi, Session 2010-12.

764.         Shabana Bibi, Female Education in F.R Peshawar, Session 2008-10.

765.         Nadia Aziz, Tourism in Chitral (Problems and Prospects), Session 2010-12.

766.         Kiran, Causes of Low Literacy Rate in Rural Areas of District Abbottabd, Session 2010-12.

767.         Farah Sarfaraz, Problems Faced by Lady Health Visitors in District Abbottabad, Session 2010-12.

768.         Abdullah Jan, Role of Sarhad Rural Support Programme in District Charsadda, Session 2010-12.

769.         Ihsan Ullah Dawar, Pakistan's Policy Towards Afghanistan (1995-2002), Session 2009-11.

770.         Iram Jabeen, Comparative Study of Private and Government Schools in District Mardan, Session 2010-12.

771.         Shafiq-ur-Rehman, The Litterateurs of Chitral, Session 2010-12.

772.         Mir Salam, Comparision of Science Education between Government and Provate Sectors at Higher Secondary Level in District Swabi, Session 2009-11.

773.         Sehrish Amin, The Impact of Afghanistan Cultural on KPK (1979-2006), Session 2009-11.

774.         Seema Malik, Comparative Study of Male and Female Education (Up to Secondary Level) in Public Sector Swabi (2006-2011), Session 2009-11.

775.         Talat Jabeen, The Role of NWFP in the Hijrat Movement, Session 2007-09.

776.         Umer Ayaz Khan, Some Prominent of District Bannu, Session 2009-11.

777.         Samina Naz, The Problems of Female Teachers in Mohmand Agency, Session 2010-2012.

778.         Laila Azam, Expected Impact of Lawari Tunnel on the Life of People of Chitral, Session 2007-09.

779.         Nasima, Teacher Perception Regarding Student Politics at University Level, Session 2010-12.

780.         Nabila Hassan, A Comparative Study of Private and Public Schools in Kurram Agency (A Case Study of Parachinar), Session 2010-12.

781.         Manzoor Ahmad, Adriculture Development in District Chitral, Session 2010-12.

782.         Arshad Ali, Role and Performance of NGOs in District Buner, Session 2010-12.

783.         Muhammad Islam, Development Female Education Secondary Level at Tehsil Jamrud Khyber Agency, Session 2009-11.


784.         Amir Baz, Buner Operation (2009) Socio-Ecomic Analysis and Its impact on the People (A Case Study of District Buner), Session 2009-11.

785.         Navida Hassam, Co-Education in District Chitral, Session 2010-12.

786.         Seema Talab, Statistical Overview - Education in Malakan Agency, Session 2008-10.

787.         Muhammad Israr, Miangul Aurangzeb (The Last Crewn Prince of Swat State), Session 2008-10.

788.         Syed Ayaz Khan, The Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam (F), Session 2009-11.

789.         Uzma, Islamization in Pakistan, Session 2010-12.

790.         Nazia Hassan, Socio-Economic Development in Kurram Agency, Session 2010-12.

791.         Khshnood Begum, Girls Performance in Matric Examination 2011 of Malakand Board – A Comparasion of GGHS Saddo and GGHS Temargara, Session 2010-12.

792.         Najida Bibi, Polo as a Game of Chitral, Session 2010-12.

793.         Zahid-ur-Rahman, Sarhad Rural Support Programme in Chitral, Session 2010-12.

794.         Jasmin Begum, Local Government System in Pakistan during Pervez Musharraf Era (A Case Study of District Peshawar), Session 2010-12.

795.         Hina Sadia Rizvi, The Role of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Women in Freedom Fighting of Pakistan, Session 2010-12.

796.         Taiba Kawsar, Mirza Siyar of Chitral (A Profile), Session 2010-12.

797.       Abdul Latif, Benazir Income Support Program: A Acse Study of the Women in Lower Dir District, Session 2010-12.

798.       Naveed Khan, Sports in Khyber Agency, Session 2011-13. [A/No.798] Supervised by

799.       Hidayat Ullah, The Mystic Poetry of Bannu Division, Session 2011-13.

800.       Iqra Saleem, Recreational Activities in Girls Schools in District Lakki Marwat), Session 2011-13.

801.       Abid Ullah, Prominent Politicians of District Lakki Marwat, Session 2011-13.

802.         Sareer Ahmad, Some Prominent Personalities of Sudham (District Mardan), Session 2011-13.

803.         Gohar Ali, Developmental Works during Mutahidda Majlis-E-Amal Government in District Buner from 2002 To 2007, Session 2011-13.

804.         Nasrumninallah, Prominent Legislators of Tehsil Takht Bhai), Session 2011-13.

805.         Hizbullah, The Performance of Awami National Party Since 2008, Session 2010-12.

806.         Muhammad Shakeel Khan, A Profile of Maulana Syed Naseeb Ali Shah, Session 2011-13.

807.         Ghufran Ullah, Analysis of Local Government Plan 2001 (A Case Study of Tehsil Council Serai Naurang District Lakki Marwat), Session 2011-13.

808.          Roheen Zafar, Miss Fatima Jinnah and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2011-13.

809.         Muhammad Ishfaq Khan, Services of Meera Khel Family of District Lakki Marwat, Session 2011-13.

810.         Sahzia, Some Prominent Mahsud Personalities of South Waziristan Agency, Session 2011-13.

811.         Sadiq Ali, Child Labour in Tehsil Bari Kot, District Swat, Session 2010-12.

812.         Liaqat Nawaz, Emergence of Political Parties and Development of People Participation on the Affairs of District Dir (Lower) 1970-2008), Session 2010-12.

813.          Wajid Ali Khan, Deeni Madaris in District Dir (Upper), Session 2010-12.

814.         Abdur Razaq, Some Prominent Shinwari Poets of Khyber Agency, Session 2009-11.

815.         Mufeed Khan, Life and Works of Dr. Muhammad Anwar Khan, Session 2010-12.

816.         Farman Ali, The Role of Religious Madaris in District Buner, Session 2010-12.

817.         Abdul Hameed Afridi, Rise and Proliferation of Talibanization (A Case Study of Bara Khyber Agency), Session 2009-11.

818.         Muhammad Taimur Khan, Pakistan Academy Ffor Rural Development Peshawar: Role and Achievements, Session 2011-13.

819.         Najeeb Ullah, Agriculture in District Buner, Session 2010-12.

820.         Muhammad Ishaq Khan, Durrani Family of District Bannu and Its Contribution in Politics, Session 2010-12.

821.         Uzma Zaman, Some Prominent Personalities of Razar, Session 2011-13.

822.         Faiza Shah, Few Prominent Poets of District Swabi, Session 2010-12.

823.         Wasim-ur-Rahman, Socio-Economicc Impact of Afghan Refugees on District Chitral, Session 2011-13.

824.         Lal Said Khan, Enginee Shaukat Ullah Khan, Its Contributions, Session 2011-13.

825.         Azmat Khaliq, Socio-Economic Problems of District Dir (Upper), Session 2010-12.

826.         Rowaid Khan, Prominent Educationists of District Charsadda, Session 2011-13.

827.         Muhammad Iqbal, Some Yousafzai Chiefs and Rulers in India, Session 2011-13.

828.         Kiran Shahzadi, Comparision between Government and Private Schools in Peshawar, Session 2010-12.

829.         Tasneem Srawat, Ulama in Politics in District Mardan, Session 2011-13.

830.         Safia Bibi, Some Prominent Educationists of District Chitral, Session 2011-13.

831.         Liaqat Ali, Life and Work of Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan, Session 2010-12.

832.         Fazal Karim, Writers of North Waziristan Agency, Session 2011-13.

833.         Bibi Zakira, Madak Lasht, History and Customs, Session 2011-13.

834.         Zubaida Begum, Pir Nasir-i-Khasrow, Session 2011-13.

835.         Naheed Almas, Women Wing of Jama'at-i-Islami, Session 2009-11.

836.         Nabila Khan, Preception about Co-education in Pakhtun Society (A Case Study of District Charsadda), Session 2012-14.

837.         Muhammad Ibrahim, Voting Behavious in District Charsadda (A Case Study of NA-8 in 2013 General Elections), Session 2012-14.

838.         Nadia Khan, Prominent Directors of Research Centres at the University of Peshawar Campus, Session 2012-14.

839.         Basharat Ullah, Jama'at0Tabligh and its Centres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Session 2012-14.

840.         Khalid Mehmood, Prominent Educationists of District Karak, Session 2012-14.

841.         Robeena Shah, Role of NGOs in the Social uplift of Kurram Agency, Session 2010-12.

842.         Ikram Ali, The Life and Works of Maulana Fazal Muhammad, Session 2010-12.

843.         Irfan Ullah, Comparative Study of Science Education in Government and Private Schools (Higher Secondary Level in District Shangla, Session 2010-12.

844.         Hamid Khan, Hazrat Maulana Gul Munir of Khaisor, Session 2011-13.

845.         Safia Ali, A Critical Study of Co-Education in District Mardan, Session 2012-14.

846.         Irshad Muhammad, Discrimination against Women in Case of Inherited Property (A Case Study of Tehsil Dir, Dir Upper), Session 2012-14.

847.         Begum Sadaf, Sher Muhammad Mainosh (Life and Works), Session 2012-14.

848.         Jamal-ud-Din, Impact of Malakism on Socio-Economic Life of Bajour Agency (A Case Study of Nawaji Sub-Division), Session 2012-14.

849.         Zahid Minhaz, Some Prominent Religions Personalities of District Lakki Marwat, Session 2012-14.

850.         Sajjad Ali, Challenges to Police in Crime Control (A Case Study of Tehsil Takht Bhai, Session 2012-14.

851.         Saleema Khattak, Some Prominent Poetesses of District Peshawar, Session 2012-14.

852.         Shafiq Ahmad, Prominent Personalities of Maidan Dir Lower, Session 2012-14.


853.         Usman Ali, Voting Behaviour in District Buner (A Case Study of NA-28 in 2013 General Elections), Session 2012-14.

854.         Anwar Zada, Some Prominent Politicions of District Dir Upper, Session 2012-14.

855.         Zulkifal, Some Educationists of District Buner, Session 2012-14.

856.         Javed Khan, Some Prominent Scholars Produced by Darul-Uloom Haqqania Akora Khattak, Session 2012-14.

857.         Anwar-ur-Rehman, Games of Chitral, Session 2012-14.

858.         Summaya Raza, Women Shelter Homes in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (A Case Study of Dar-ul-Aman Mardan, Session 2012-14.

859.         Irshad, The Role of Bilour Family in Politics, Session 2011-13.

860.         Rizwana, Some Prominent Poets of Tappa Baizai in District Mardan, Session 2012-14.

861.         Naseem Khan, Terrorism in FATA (A Case Study of Mohmand Agency), Session 2012-14.

862.         Qasim Amin Khan, The Prominent Ullema of North Waziristan, Session 2011-13.

863.         Muhammad Tahir, Life of Fazlullah and Achievements, Session 2011-13.

864.         Bakhtawar Sher, Land and People of Daudzai, Session 2009-11.

865.         Muhammad Jalil, Some Prominent Legislators from Bannu, Session 2011-13.

866.         Kalsoom Begum, Hazrat Madeeh Baba: A Profile, Session 2012-14.  

867.         Shumaila Shaheen, Social Services of Al-Khidmat Foundation (A Case Study of District Peshawar), Session 2011-13.

868.         Sonia Begum, Evaluating the Factors Associated with the Low Female Education in Dir Distrcit Upper, Session 2009-11.

869.         Nabila Saman, Problems of Working Women in District Lakki Marwat, Session 2011-13.]

870.         Haseena Noor, Agriculture Research Station Ahmad Wala Karak, Session 2010-12.

871.         Nadia Rasool, History and Achievements of Government Frontier College, Session 2010-12.

872.         Zakia Seemi, Private Sector Education upto Secondary Level 9A Case Study of Private Schools in Gharibabad, Peshawar), Session 2009-11.

873.         Basmeen Bibi, Electoral Performance of PTI in District Mardan, Session 2012-14.

874.         Umar Farooq, Poets of Tehsil Mastuj, District Chitral, Session 2012-14.

875.         Samina Gul, Problems of Working Women in District Swabi, Session 2011-13.

876.         Manzoor Ahmad, Some Prominent Personalities of Dawars Tribe, Session 2011-13

877.         Naimat Ullah Khan, Maulana Sadar-ul-Shahee's Profile, Session 2011-13.

878.         Hamida Naseem, An Investigation Report on Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Awan, Session 2012-14.

879.         Amir Khan, Some Prominent Educationists of Tappa Khalil, Session 2012-14.

880.         Saba Gul, Some Prominent Political Figures of Tehsil Katlang, District Mardan, Session 2012-14.

881.         Shagufta Yasmeen, Languages of Chitral, Session 2012-14.

882.         Safia Ali, A Critical Study of Prominent Educationists of Baizai in District Mardan, Session 2011-13.

883.         Asqal, Honey Production in District Karak, Session 2010-12.

884.         Atta Ullah Jan, Haji Dost Muhammad (Haji Gul "A Profile", Session 2011-13.

885.         Anam Murad, The Role of Pakistan Red Crescent Society in District Bannu, Session 2013-15.

886.         Rana Rehman, Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, Session 2012-14.

887.         Abid Ullah Khan, Saifullah Family: Role and Services, Session 2013-15.

888.         Raj Wali Khan, Marble Industry in Mohmand Agency, Session 2012-14.

889.         Marayam, Some Prominent Female Educationists in District Peshawar, Session 2012-14.

890.         Zainab, Some Prominent Pashto Writers of District Mardan, Session 2012-14.

891.         Shahida Bibi, Description and Importance of Various Mountainous Passes in Chitral, Session 2011-13.


leftThe University of Peshawar is a public sector university in the city of Peshawar, Pakistan. The university was established in October 1950 by Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime Minister of Pakistan as an offshoot of Islamia College Peshawar, which was founded in 1913.  read more